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Create a green factory to create a beautiful home


Green development is the premise and development foundation of the company's survival. In order to respond to the national call and become a model enterprise in the steel industry, Donghua Iron and Steel Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. is moving forward toward the goal of green culture steel mills. We regard green development as an important measure to promote economic restructuring, highlight green concepts and connotations, strive to create a “garden-style” factory, and use the innovative spirit of being dare to be the first to add brilliance to the company's beautification and light, so that employees can be safe and comfortable. Work in a harmonious environment.

In order to promote the steady development of the company's green construction, all employees of the company actively participated in the joint efforts and made contributions to the construction of the “garden-style” factory.


From mid-summer to hot summer, Master Li of the rolling mill and Sun Master of the steel mill did not fear the high temperature, and painted a beautiful pattern with passion, wisdom and sweat. They are front-line workers who work in ordinary jobs but are not ordinary. They use their works to express their love for life and business. They are the most respectable people of Donghua Steel!


The logo is a mark of the company's brand and an intangible asset of a company. The masters of the administrative office have been cast into a Donghua steel trademark with their solid skills. Donghua Steel is proud of you!

         The masters of the fitter's team in the steel mill's machine shop used a piece of wood to polish and finally made a creative and sturdy flower stand. They used the hardworking hands to perfect the corner of Donghua. Every piece of crafts was finished. Telling about the love of Donghua Iron and Steel.1548034715795684.jpg

Facing the future, Donghua Iron & Steel adheres to the concept of green enterprise development, thoroughly implements the important thoughts of the general secretary of the internship on the construction of ecological civilization, and consciously practices the concept of “green water and green mountains is the Jinshan Yinshan”, and accelerates the implementation of a new round of energy conservation and environmental protection cycle. Economic projects, accelerate the promotion of green development and upgrade, further improve the level of green development, and contribute to building a beautiful China!

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